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National Tour Operation and Travel Agency

Ethiopia is endowed with various combination of tourist attractions cultural historical natural & man-made and impressive scenery suitable climate rich flora & fauna and recognized archaeological find sites. Tourism as an economic activity in Ethiopia was started in the early 1960’s . by the time, the government established some important Organization because of the increased number of inbound tourist consecutively in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.
In 1964, Ethiopia’s Tourist organization was established.
In 1966 the first Tourist master plan was prepared.
In 1971 the Ethiopian Tourist Trading S.C. was established
In 1982 National Tour Operation and travel Agency Enterprise (NTO) was official established
In1963 the number of inbound tourist arrivals was 19.215. After ten years (in 1973), it reached 73,662. Nevertheless, during next four years the number of tourists tended to decline year after year due to the government’s ideology and natural hazard (such as famine) that changed the country’s image in major tourist source countries.

 After the announcement of mixed economy in 1989 and the free market economy a few years later by EPRDF government, Ethiopia become open for tourists from all parts of the world. The policy also allowed the participation, of private investors in the tourism sector. Since then many tour operators and travel agencies mushroomed in the service, and NTO no more had the monopoly power However, NTO is not only the precursor in the tourism sector in Ethiopia, but also considered by many as a national tourism service identity and pride for more than 30 years.

 NTO generates 80% of its income in foreign exchange and thus has been given due attention by PPESA and privatized since January 2010.Currently there are more than 169 licensed & qualified tour operators in the market and of them were established after 1998.

 With three decades experience in the tourism sector and its worldwide corporate image, NTO has a vision to be one of the leading tour operator’s travel agencies in East Africa. Privatized in 2010 and wholly Ethiopia owned by the biggest car rental company in Ethiopia ABC plc. NTO is now equipped with the following type of brand new vehicles: 4 4’s, luxury, vans, buses and trucks.

 NTO’s vision is to become one of the leading tour operators in East Africa offering a high quality service and building a long term business relationship with its international partner.

NTO’s mission is to offer high level services in order to achieve total client satisfaction and promote the image of Ethiopia as an  unequaled tourism destination in the world.

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